In cautarea comorii I

Asa cum prezisesem, ploia incepu la 2 ore dupa miezul noptii. Nu m-am invatat niciodata minte sa nu mai cred in cei cu "experienta". Am prostul obicei sa nu-mi urmez instinctele, uneori. Noroc ca doar uneori. Mi se tinuse teoria ploii cu cele 3 semne ale ei, plus ca intrebasem un localnic "Ce parere aveti, [...]

The Death Of SEO says Forbes

The Death Of SEO: The Rise of Social, PR, And Real Content says Ken Krogue, Contributor, in his articles posted for Forbes : - (Most Popular on Forbes for nearly 4 days) - (It seems that the author was truly inspired by "Are Your Titles Irresistibly Click Worthy & Viral?!", an article from ) Ken [...]

How to Improve Seo using Seomoz Toolbar and Services

Improve Seo using Seomoz Toolbar. So why is impossible to do a proper backlinking or to adopt a proper Seo strategy without using Seomoz ? Get an absolutely free 30 days  Seomoz trial , no strings attached!! It all comes to this: Do you see the red bar? That represents the PA - Page Authority. What about [...]

Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs - Dead as a Doornail

Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs are a big nonsense these days. Building a Niche Site Related to Travel - Hotels, is just a huge waste of time. I'll tell you how I started my internet adventure back in 2003. I had no idea how to make a buck online, and then when searching for a bed [...]

The Backlinking Strategy that Works - Is it that easy ?

Backlinking Strategy that Works. Can it be that easy ? Warning!! This backlinking strategy applies only for brand new blogs-websites or brand new niche sites competing in a medium to high niche keyword. For a longer established website please read my next article describing the back linking strategy for a longer established website, that does not perform [...]

WordPress Image Attachment Pages Indexed by Google

WordPress Image Attachment Pages Indexed by Google. I have to admit, this is a bit off topic, but nonetheless a big nuisance for those who bump into this problem. Like I just did. Each time we insert an image or gallery, a page is created which results in countless pages without content getting indexed by Google. [...]

Best WordPress Premium Theme - The Only

Best WordPress Premium Theme. To me is a -  Genesis "love affair". For most of the themes I used along the years, I always had to worry about the theme's wordpress seo. I had to employ a lot of plugins for title, description, keywords, meta-tags. I also needed plugins for post navigation, breadcrumbs, plugins to [...]

WordPress Seo Optimization

WordPress Seo Optimization tips. How many times did you bump into this title ? "Wordpress Seo Tips". I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired with all the "expert advice" that are meant to further deepen one's confusion, rather then clarify something. Here is a tip : Stay away from WordPress Seo Optimization Tips [...]

How to create a website from scratch for free

How to create a website from scratch for free, using only free scripts, free themes and free plugins. Of course you need a domain name first , but if you follow my instructions you are going to get it so cheap that is almost free. We discussed in the last post how much does it cost to build [...]

How much does it cost to build a website

How much does it cost to build a website ? Everybody wants to own a website. This is a question many people are afraid to ask, perhaps thinking, that it may cost a fortune, that it may be out of their reach, or it might require extensive professional knowledge. Wrong, wrong and wrong ! All it takes is [...]