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Best WordPress Premium Theme. To me is a -  Genesis "love affair".
For most of the themes I used along the years, I always had to worry about the theme's wordpress seo.
I had to employ a lot of plugins for title, description, keywords, meta-tags.
I also needed plugins for post navigation, breadcrumbs, plugins to hide category and so on.
Well that struggle is over since the first Genesis frame work was launched on the market, that is on February 1, 2010 .
Genesis the best WordPress premium theme came to life after a long and sustained development project, and in my opinion it revolutionized the way we look at premium wordpress themes and at all wordpress themes in general.
Genesis theme frame work came along with 2 child themes, Executive and Mocha.
Nowadays you have a huge display of Genesis child themes to choose from, but I'll have to say, that for me it was love at first sight. I loved so much Genesis theme framework, that for long I used it without any child theme. I still have sites as we speak, using only the framework with no child theme.

Best WordPress Premium Theme

Best WordPress Premium Theme

So, what's all the fuss about Genesis theme framework ??

Actually not much, except that Best WordPress Premium Theme Genesis (I love repeating that :) ) lets me "focus on my business, not on design tweaks and SEO" as Chris Brogan the President of HB Works once said.
All the "short codes" and a lot of theme tweaking can be done via the "hooks". For that there is a single plugin that have to be installed, to simplify all the work . Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: Clean, fast-loading code does really matter in the eyes of the search engines!
Creating a website with Genesis is truly a piece of cake.

Darren Rowse the founder of  Problogger switched to the best wordpress premium theme - you guessed right - Genesis and it can be downloaded from Genesis site.
A lot of editing can be done via these hooks, in the header, footer, before post, after post, before comments, after comments, before sidebar, after name it !
Here is a glimpse of the hooks - elegant and easy :

Best WordPress Premium Theme - Genesis Hooks

Best WordPress Premium Theme - Genesis Hooks

Best WordPress Premium Theme - Genesis Framework - The ShortCodes

You got to love these short codes...really ! They enable you to edit and modify almost everything.
Another strong point of Genesis. is that unlike Thesis, id doesn't have a ton of useless options, and is more practical.
Also because Genesis it had a huge success among the professional bloggers and developers, a lot of useful plugins were made and are likely to be made, and I mean useful, no time wasting.
Here you can find many short codes, that must be worked together with the hooks:
Do yourself a favor an go with the Genesis theme, before any other theme. You'll love it, if you love simplicity, elegance, and high usability.
Here are all the features :
And a little glimpse of the short-codes:

Best WordPress Premium Theme - Genesis Shortcodes

Best WordPress Premium Theme - Genesis Shortcodes

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  1. Vivek Bhatt says:

    Bogdan O.I. true, Genesis theme is awesome, it is first of all very flexible can be loaded quickly hence resulting in good loading speed. i am thinking to apply it next time. thanks. and thx for sharing it.

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