How much does it cost to build a website

How much does it cost to build a website ? Everybody wants to own a website. This is a question many people are afraid to ask, perhaps thinking, that it may cost a fortune, that it may be out of their reach, or it might require extensive professional knowledge. Wrong, wrong and wrong !
All it takes is a bit of courage, a bit of research and a few dollars.

For those of you that are inpatient to find out the answer, skipping the all "boring" details, the answer is 4-5 dollars per year for a domain name, and 6-9 dollars per month for a hosting.

Now, this being said let's go back to how much does it cost to build a website, because as you are going to find out it all depends, on the purpose of your website. However the cost are not likely to jump sky-high, no matter what you've got in mind for your site's future.

How much does it cost to build a website - first steps

Firstly depending on the subject of your website, pick up a domain name (or whatever is left of them, because most of the decent dot com's are taken and kept for sale by private owners, by domain registrars and others. Is a disgusting thing I know, but that's how the Internet works.
So, try to pick a fairly decent domain, a  .com if possible. The second and third choice will be .net and .org. Don't go beyond .org, as the rest of the domains are qualified in people's mind as "not trust-able". Well of course you might choose a domain name with a suffix representing your country.
A dot com can be purchased from many domain registrars but I'll recommend Godaddy, for only one reason and that is: it is very easy to find discount coupons, all over the internet for purchasing a .com , .net, and an .org with Godaddy.
In the next post I'll explain you how is that working. If your intention is making money online with your website, it will be better not starting by spending a lot o f money.

Good ! So you have your domain now. Next step is to find a host for your website. A reliable and well known hosting is Hostgator. Good support, fast servers and cheap. You can search for others but I like hostgator.
For 7 dollars dollars a month you get to host 1 domain with unlimited space, and unlimited bandwidth. If you are willing to pay for a whole year in advance the price is cut to app. 5.50 dollars a month which is a good deal. Is up to you. So, until now the answer to how much does it cost to build a website is 7 $ a month and 5 $ for the first year.

Next you need a script or a platform to operate your new website. That is very easy to obtain for free. No money required here. I'll recommend Wordpres as it can be used as a content management system CMS and is basicaly good for everything, from a real estate website to a simple blog. Above all WordPress has a user friendly interface and a lot of plugins that can help you tweak your website the way you want.

How much does it cost to build a website

How much does it cost to build a website

"How much does it cost to build a website" question is not so scary anymore. Am I right ?

Next, you need a template for your website. There are thousands of free themes out there for your wordpress driven website. At the time I'm writing this post WordPress is offering 1,648 free themes, and counting.
How to create a website from scratch for free will be the title of my next post.
Once you have your domain name, your hosting , your operating platform and your theme, you are set to go. Of course you also need a subject for your website, but I guess you already have that as long as you are willing to start a website.
In the next posts I'm going to show you the best ways to build and optimize (wordpress seo)  your website, but for know I guess I answered the primary question  " How much does it cost to build a website ".

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  1. Anirvan says:

    Thanks for your share.It great to know about the steps in building the website.As you said choosing the domain name is very much important,I strongly believe in that.

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