How to Improve Seo using Seomoz Toolbar and Services

Improve Seo using Seomoz Toolbar. So why is impossible to do a proper backlinking or to adopt a proper Seo strategy without using Seomoz ? Get an absolutely free 30 days  Seomoz trial , no strings attached!!
It all comes to this:

Improve Seo - Seomoz Bar

Improve Seo - Seomoz Bar

Do you see the red bar? That represents the PA - Page Authority.
What about the blue bar? That is the DA - Domain Authority
If you search on Google for "Improve Seo" keyword, you will get a terrific example of high PA authority websites with an extremely poor on-page Seo, and low PA authority websites but with an excellent on-page Seo, which makes the latest to rank above the ones with higher DA authority.
Did you notice, that one page is on the first page results and have PA 1 - the white bar ?
I'm referring to
What is this saying ? This page is without backlinks (no internal, no external links). So why it is ranking well for the keyword "Improve Seo", even if their Page Authority is 1 ?
Because of the DA - Domain authority.
As you noticed this domain has a great DA rank - 75, so even the no authority pages from this domains are ranking high. The admin had done a tremendously poor on-page Seo, and for that reason it ranked the 10th.
Not much of "how to improve Seo" advice there :)

Please keep in mind this report is for a low end keyword : "Improve Seo" with only 320 Local Searches (USA) and 720 Global Searches:

Improve Seo - Keyword Research

Improve Seo - Keyword Research

On the other hand the page (see the pic with Google search results) with a Domain Authority of only DA: 32 and a Page authority PA: 29, managed to surpass, because of the latest lack of internal linking and on-page optimization.
The first used H1, H2 keyword tags. Keywords within text and so on. The second did absolutely nothing towards optimization. There is a lot of room to improve Seo, on that page.
Without knowing, your domain and page authority, basically you don't know what to improve.
Of course, with a extremely poor on-line Seo, you shouldn't expect to rank well, even with a high domain authority. On-page Seo is a must! You can definitively improve seo, via on-page seo.

So how it works this Seomoz metrics thing?

It is based on how many root domains are linking to you, the authority of the pages that are linking to you, the number of the total pages that are linking to you, and the number of social book-markings(this is a very little value, but it counts a bit).

Improve Seo using Seomoz Toolbar by knowing to who you are linking to and who's linking to you.

So forget about Google Page Rank, the little green bar, for which still a lot of webmaster are hankering for.
Are you into old-fashioned link exchange? Pick your link exchange partners based on the Page authority, not on the Google PR. Google PR can't improve Seo.
Do you want to become a guest blogger, not only for the traffic but also for the baclink ?
Pick a blog that has a high DA domain authority, because in this way your post containing your link, will have also authority.
Want to do blog commenting, the same thing applies.
This can go on like for ever, but whatever you do, base your backlinking strategy on Seomoz, not on Google PR.

How to improve Seo and your domain Seomoz authority.

I'll not discus in this post how to obtain the links, but a big factor contributing to your domain authority is the number of root domains linking to you.
Even if you get few very high authority backlinks from very high authority domains, your domain authority rank will still be low, if not linking from a great number of domains.
Use an Seomoz product, to spy on your competition's back linking. Check the PA, and DA of these domains.
Take for example: Coppyblogger:

Improve Seo - Site Explorer - Copyblogger

Improve Seo - Site Explorer - Copyblogger

So Copyblogger has a DA 91, PA 93. That is very close to 100!!
10,764 root domains linked from, and a total of 592K pages linked from!!
So almost any well on-page optimized article from this site is very likely to rank well in the search engines, especially if the internal linking is done properly.
Now take Kikolani:

Improve Seo - Kikolani

Improve Seo - Kikolani

DA: 65, PA: 71, Linking root domains: 1,202, Total links: 23,654
You can clearly see the huge difference between the 2 sites in the number of the number of the root domains, and the number of the total links, hence the difference of DA and PA.
Most sites can easy reach a DA-PA of 40 to 50, but then on is very hard to rise the Domain authority.
The same thing applies for rising from DA 70 to DA 90.
You can also compare up to 5 domains, with a free Seomoz membership:

Improve Seo - Seomoz Compare

Improve Seo - Seomoz Compare

The key: backlinks from many root domains, and backlinks from high DA websites.
I know is not easy, but this is the truth.
A proper on-page Seo can many time compensate for lack of domain authority, especially for the long tail keywords, but for the high end keywords, a high DA-PA authority, can make the difference.
So if you are serious about seo, don't leave home without Seomoz. The Seomoz toolbar and services will make a difference if trying to improve Seo.

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  1. Thanks for such a great review of the Seomoz Toolbar Bogdan. I had no idea you could get this much information from it. This would definitely be useful information. I'm afraid if I tried it now that I wouldn't get anything else of my to-do list done but I will bookmark this and keep it in mind for the future.
    Sherryl Perry recently posted...Top 6 SEO and Social Media How-To Posts of 2012My Profile

  2. Adrienne says:

    Now that was interesting Bogdan!

    Now please excuse my ignorance because I admit some of this stuff "still" being somewhat beyond my comprehension. But SEO really should be considered over just a backlinking strategy wouldn't you agree? I mean for most people it would take them a very long time to work up to getting enough backlinks to their site to ease it up in the search engines.

    Optimizing your content for the right keywords would get them there much quicker I would think. So when doing this what you're saying here is to forget about Google's PR and concentrate more on the domain authority. We all know people are wrapped up with the Google PR but wouldn't going this route still improve that?

    I've used that tool a long time ago but of course never paid for the pro version. I don't do a lot of SEO but I know that I should.

    Thanks for this great post, I really enjoyed what you shared here. You definitely got me to thinking.

    Adrienne recently posted...How Are You Spending Your TimeMy Profile

    • Bogdan Bogdan O.I. says:

      You are so right Adrienne.
      "But SEO really should be considered over just a backlinking strategy wouldn't you agree?"
      Of course. Seo means original content, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.
      The point is that no matter how original and valuable your content is, without getting backlinks, and without having an exceptional on-page optimization, you are not likely to rank for your keywords, especially where there is a high competition.
      Google is expecting us to get links from other sites, by writing great content, so other people, will link to us.
      I still have few sites without links, about 10 years old with zero traffic :) I guess my content wasn't
      In a low competition market, thing are not always the same. A better on-page optimized page can outrank another page from a higher DA site. Also if having more relevant links, than your competition, can rank you well in a low competition market, and in a high competition market as well.
      It all depends on how strong your competitors are, and there is no way of telling that only by the Google PR.
      "We all know people are wrapped up with the Google PR but wouldn't going this route still improve that?"
      Yes, getting backlinks with high PR, will eventually rise your PR, but it all depends how you get there. If you have a high PR because you are linked to 10 pages with PR 8 on 10 different domains, that won't count much.
      There are a lot of factors that count, such as your domain age, the number of root domains linking to you, the link PA and DA, the link relevance, the variety of the anchor text.
      There are 6 months old sites with homepage Google PR 6. A link from their page equals almost zero.
      Are the Seomoz metrics that really counts.
      I rather have a backlink with PA 60 and Google Page Rank 2 from an old established website, over a backlink with PA 30 and PR 5 from a new site.
      It is quite easy to get every day thousands of links with almost no PA, and is also easy to get a lot of links with PR 5 to 7, but those links will lack relevancy, and most of them will have low page authority. Of course those links are good to improve the metrics, in terms of root domains link variety and numbers, but that's all.
      For the rest we still need strong PA, DA, links and good on-page optimization, but this can't be done without using at least Seomoz free toolbar, which comes as an extension for Chrome, and Firefox, and without a keyword research tool such as Long Tail Pro and a Seo plugin such as SeoBlog Kahuna.

  3. I like this web blog very much, Its a really nice post to read and get info .

  4. Tuscany says:

    Great article man. I also agree that PR is useless nowadays.

  5. Luxa says:

    Moz...former really got that right!
    Luxa recently posted...Tennessee Luxury Mansions for Sale NashvilleMy Profile

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