The Backlinking Strategy that Works - Is it that easy ?

Backlinking Strategy that Works. Can it be that easy ?

Warning!! This backlinking strategy applies only for brand new blogs-websites or brand new niche sites competing in a medium to high niche keyword. For a longer established website please read my next article describing the back linking strategy for a longer established website, that does not perform well in the search engines.

Today, I was looking for some good articles regarding the backlinking strategy. Not that my own backlinking strategy is not working, but I'm always in search for new ideas especially those that try to predict the future of backlinking.
The sad part is that as usual I didn't find anything to stimulate my attention.
Moreover all the advices are wrong, partially wrong or just "improved" versions of the two.
So how am I so sure that they are wrong?
Because unlike the people writing these guru flavored articles, I tried them all or almost all and I'm still not guru.
I spent a whole lot of money like most of you are planning to do or already done, just to find the right solution that will sky rocket my websites in the Serps (that is: search engine results page).
Most of the methods not only suck your pocket dry, they also, almost irreversible damage your site.
Yes, for a short while, sometimes you might hit the jackpot, but when the whole process is reversing and turning against you, you will find out that pay back is a B.
I search today for "Backlinking Strategy That Works", because I know that this is one of the favorite titles for an article of such kind.
The first page in the results belongs to some guy that has a lot of traffic and also makes a living from advising people how to improve their websites in order to get better rankings. However, even though his explanations seem to be clear they are rather vague and dotted with missing arguments.
From another point of view he is new in the market so I guess his backlinking strategy methods are borrowed and modified, so I wouldn't use them step by step as I consider them unreliable.
Replicating some backlinking strategy method read in some cheap e-book, unknowingly directs you to burn your site at the stake. So, try to play safe.

The Backlinking Strategy that Works
What is all about ?

Don't even think at any backlinking strategy before you get acquainted with Seomoz. Please read here about Seomoz a must!!  Get your 30 days Seomoz free trial , no strings attached.
Seomoz is the best thing that happened after the Big Bang !!!
Without Seomoz toolbar you won't know to whom you are linking in terms of domain and page authority rank.
You won't know your own authority rank and you won't know your competitors authority rank, backlinks strength, the number of the root domains linking to your competitor or to the site you are getting linked to, so in one word you won't know your own website evolution nor your competitors strength.
Please get your Seomoz bar here for Chrome or free:
I'll explain in detail in one of my next articles how does it work. It is really simple.

Let's suppose you have chosen your niche, you've done the keyword research, you spied on your competition and you know exactly what are you up against.
All that it remains to do in order to be successful is to crash your competition and rank high on search engines, thus receiving a fairly high amount of traffic which is soon to convert in cash.
Yeah, right. If only was that simple.
Just to give you an example of a kind of mistake I made when first I started: I chose to start my internet venture competing with the titans, in a niche (that is travel) where the competition is fierce and the players involved are able to spend 6 figures sums in order to get rid of the competition. (not that I represented a
So, first rule when you start fresh : "Pick an enemy your own size or a bit larger (in the event that you decided to work your muscles to become an worthy opponent").
Wait...not the whole article is going to be this boring.
Let's skip to the backlinking strategy.
There is off-page SEO and on-page SEO. We are going to concentrate here on the off-page SEO but occasionally I will mention the On-page SEO as-well.
The Off-page SEO is what you do with your own website offline, outside your pages, thus is referring strictly to your backlinking strategy (I know I talk a lot).
So, you have your website and your niche, your content, and you know your competitors. How do you become "visible" ?
Your site is brand new and as all new websites is going to get a "welcome" from Google. I know many people don't agree with me, but over 10 years I noticed that Google tends to "over-rank" for a short while the new websites. However this is short lived and the position in the Serps is not going to improve by not doing anything. Au contraire (that's french for "on the contrary"), the new site it requires a lot of cuddle and pampering, just like a newborn. Also the new websites are kind of a "sanboxed" also for a while.
Look at the "sandbox" like to a filtering box trough which all new websites have to pass before being qualified to be called trustful websites.
Google does this to ensure the relevancy of its serp's. The time and the stages a site is on probation (sandboxed) is going to be determined by the sort of keywords it's going to be rivaling for in the SERPS.
The lower is the competition, the higher is the probability that you won't even notice the sandboxing.
Please note the following prior to applying your backlinking strategy, whichever is that:

Brand new websites ought to gain trust in the search engines. You can easily spark a "penalty" by being too extreme with the improper kinds of links to your web page. To paraphrase, blasting your web site with directory links, Article links and/or social bookmarks may increase the time period that it requires to rank well as a consequence of suspect backlinking activity. It can also get your website sandboxed for a long period of time or even de-indexed.

Backlinking Strategy that Works - Step 1

Your site is ready. What do you do next ?

Absolutely nothing regarding the off page Seo - put your backlinking strategy to rest for at least 2 weeks to 1 month.

How tempting it may be to start building links to your new website, you should stay away and instead concentrate on building your content and site navigation and interlinking.
Write an article every day. Not any kind of article.
An optimized article at least 400 words long.
As a first article for your website, you should write a 1000 words long article.
Optimize your article with Seo Blog kahuna (which I'm going to offer it for free soon), or any other similar plugin. This is on-page seo, meaning you should optimize your page as follows:

Keyword phrase should be within the title
Title must be wrapped in H1 Tags
Your first words within the post must be your keywords and must be in bold or strong tags.
You must have a H2 containing your keywords, within your post
You must have a H3 containing your keywords, within your article/post
keyword density should be maximum 3%.
You should have an image with your post always if possible and have the keyword in image "Alt" attribute.
The amount of words should be at least 300 (400 if possible - it won't hurt)
Seo Blog Kahuna is monitorizing all this and lets you know where you've done wrong.
You can do the on page optimization without the plugin, but it will take you longer.

As I said, write articles on daily basis, for at least 2 weeks to 1 month.
In meantime as part of the backlinking strategy just go and post some comments on some authority blogs.
Also get a subscription to their newsletter, and be a part of their community. You might learn something in the process.
When you add your comment, you also get a link back from these sites.
Your comment should be worthwile.
It is wiser as a fresh website to post comments on blogs that support dofollow comments, but do not ignore the nofollow authority blogs(We will talk in the next post about this strategy in detail).
Do not overdue it. 2-3 comments per day, having your website link, will do for now.

Backlinking Strategy that Works - Step 2

Stay away with your money site(that's your new site) from article directories, press release directory or any directories. Also keep away from bookmarking sites. These type of links are just bad old news.

If you don't believe me, just browse them, and you'll see that most websites advertised there are a wreck, with no traffic. These type of websites are and have been part for thousands of spammy webmsters in their backlinking strategy, so these sites are trashed, big time. Especially the article directories, which contain duplicate content, because of the content copied by many spammy webmasters in search for new content.
Just see for yourself. I randomly picked an article, and found at least 8 copies of it on Google:

Backlinking Strategy that Works - Ezinearticles

Backlinking Strategy that Works - Ezinearticles

Linking to these websites directly as a brand new website just shows Google how desperate you are, and so you get marked. Ezinearticles and Goarticles should be banned for duplicate content, and many like them.
I know, you will say that I suggested to link via comments to authority blogs.
Yes! but not any blogs, and not anyhow.
Become a part of their community. Do not spam or just leave useless comments.
Even if you are not up to date with what's written in their posts, do a bit of research on the subject and post pertinent comments, so you make sure you get approved.
So, what follows ?
Create a first layer of Web 2.0 websites. As many as you think you may handle. Of course all related to your subject.
I use Hubpages, Squidoo, Gather as main ones, then I also use Digg and also WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, Xanga, Livejournal and some more :) (however for those you have to provide your own links to strength them up).

So to begin with, just stick with Hubpages, Squidoo and perhaps Gather.
On these sites do not waste to much time, just create related content, using softwares such as Bestspinner, MagicArticle or Unique Article Wizard.

I use Bestspinner and I love it. It costs only $ 70 per year.

Backlinking Strategy that Works - BestSpinner

Backlinking Strategy that Works - BestSpinner

Spin your articles or any articles related to your keyword, just make sure that at least each fourth word is spanned. I personally do it manually and spin almost every word, so the article gets really unique.
Publish these articles in Squidoo and Hubpages (of course different articles each) with your link to the money website included within the content. No sidebars or footer backlinks. Those footer-sidebar backlinking are more and more suspicious within the last years, as everybody is using them when purchasing links.

Remember always in your backlinking strategy : Your anchor text containing your keywords must be maximum 30% from all anchor text links !!! Make it 25% to be sure. Or Panda, Penguin or I don't know what Polar Bear will trash your site with the next update.

Write few related articles for each Web 2.0 site, but add your keyword anchor link to only 1 or maximum 2 articles per site, and link all the articles from that site to this particular article, so it will get the most from the Seo juice.
Why you don't need to link to more than 1 or 2 articles per site ? Because, as a new website, you are not likely to get in a natural way, more links from the same website, and after all, if you have a 1000 links from the same domain, not only will raise a red flag in Google's books, but also, what you need is diversified root domain links, that is links from different domains, on different IP's.

After creating the articles you can submit your article's Rss feeds to these Rss websites :
feedage,, rssmountain, and more if you wish. Just run a search on Google and you will find them with ease. Then ping your articles via any ping service available for free.

Backlinking Strategy - Step 3

This is important, don't overlook this!

Create at least 2 new blogs - self hosted blogs, related to the subject, but not the same. Try to cover a more general subject related to the money site, on these 2 or more new sites.
Get a different hosting for each blog, the cheapest ones. This 2 or more blogs are going to be the skeleton of your money site, and they will provide links not only for this money site, but for other money sites that you are going to build in the near future!

In order to minimize the cost required to build this new sites, follow the steps in this post
How to create a website from scratch for free and use the following Web Hostings: and All toegheter will not charge you more than $ 10 per month.
When purchasing your domains, make sure you hide behind a proxy, so you leave no footprints.
No one must relate you or your niche sites to this websites, directly.
We do this because we want to play safe, and because we need real sites with real PR(page rank) and real strong PA and DA (Page Authority and Domain Authority) linking to our niche site/sites.
Best of all this sites can be used in your backlinking strategy, over and over again.
Let's call these 2 or more websites "The Lieutenants".
Do not ever link "The Lieutenants", one to another !!
I find it at least discouraging in long terms, to nurture and feed Seo power to some Web 2.0 websites that are not mine and that in the long term, they might be or not be active and available.
Simply put: rely heavily on your own resources, otherwise in the future you will be forced to spend huge amounts of money buying authority links.
Nurturing and growing your own websites plays a huge role in the backlinking strategy.
The more sites you have, the more secure you are for the future of backlinking.

Create 4 to 6 Web 2.0 blogs, also related to the subject using WordPress, Blogger, Livejournal, Typepad and so on. One blog for each platform(remember we need as many different root domains as possible).
Populate these blogs with spanned articles using any of the software mentioned above.
Do not waste a lot of time on them.
If possible create 20 articles for each, 10 will also do, but optimize the articles as I mentioned above, and do the internal linking properly. Interlink the articles in each site, using a plugin such us "Smartlinking", or any other, that does the job.
Link half of these Web 2.0 blogs to your "Lieutenants" and half to your Money Site.
The backlinking strategy should be the same: no footer or sidebar links, only within content links, and only maximum 2 links from each blog to the same site.
Do this linking at a steady pace. One link today, another one within 4-5 days.
Get new articles on Squidoo, Hubpages, and follow the procedure with these Web 2.0 sites and with the Lieutenants. Do this from different accounts on Squidoo and Hubpages.
Now, finally, feel free do feed your Web 2.0 blogs (wordpress, livejournal and so on) to the dogs :)
I mean, submit the articles to Ezinearticles and the gang, and also to the press release sites.
I use Magicsubmitter to do all this as I can schedule the campaign, the way I want. I never ever use the Magic Submitter on my Money Site as this is an extremely powerful software, and there is a risk to rise a red flag on your Money Site, because of the multitude of incoming links.
Web 2.0 sites, being established, authority sites, they can handle, hundreds and thousands of incoming links and bookmarkings, daily.
Submit them to as many as you wish - of course - the spanned version. You need no duplicates linking to your content.
Mass bookmark all your Web 2.0 blogs, all articles on Squidoo and Hubpages and most of all, mass bookmark all the pages containing your links on Ezinearticles and the gang, and the press release pages.
Link Ezinearticles and the gang and the press release pages to Squidoo and Hubpages.
Live it all to settle for 1 month.
Backlinking Strategy that Works - MS

Backlinking Strategy that Works - MS

Are you still with me ?
During all this time, do blog commenting with your Money Site, "Lieutenants" and Web 2.0 sites. You should never stop doing that, during the backlinking strategy campaign.
Backlinking Strategy - Step 4
After 1 month you can start submitting your "Lieutenants" to Article Directories, Blog Directories, Press Releases, Bookmarking sites.
Do all these in time, a little bit each day. Spread your submitting campaign over 20 days or so.
Patience plays a big role in any backlinking strategy. If you rush thing and get greedy, you are more than likely to burn your sites.
Backlinking strategy means knowledge, ingenuity, and a lot of patience.
Within 2 months, you can say that all is settled down, and now you can start concentrating better on your money site.
Next thing to do is to try to do some guest posting. Links from these kind of authority sites, matters more than you can imagine. One single link, from a blog such Seomoz, Problogger, or perhaps Copyblogger matters more than a 1000 links from any directories.
Do your best and research the subjects debated on these kind of websites, and try to become a guest poster.
Backlinking Strategy - Step 5
After, 3 months or so, time in which your Money Site somehow matured, you can start submitting it to blog directories, or any kind of free or paid directories.
Choose the paid ones wisely ! If the domain and page authority of that directory is not higher than 70 (remember Seomoz bar?), forget about it. Is not worth your money.
Exchanging links is completely worthless as a backlinking strategy, unless you get in exchange a link from a high DA, PA, site, and never link back to your money site. Use another website to give back a link.(This is another reason for why your "Lieutenants" were built)
I'm not advising you to buy links, but if you decide to, make sure you don't buy more than 1-2 high PA rank content links, within a text content. No matter what you do, do not base your backlinking strategy on paid links.
Once you get discovered, Google will bury your site, almost for ever..., so play smart on this one!
I know for some of you this backlinking strategy looks a bit complicated and a bit surreal, however, if you stand out of the crowd, this should work.
Everybody exchange links, submit to directories...and so on, but only few take the time to build some real strategy.
To make it easier for you I'm going to draw a scheme in my next post, as this post is already to long, for this particular backlinking strategy.

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    Hey Bogdan,

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    I appreciate you really giving the goods away here and I'll be sure to point people in this direction if they're searching for some instructions on SEO. It's definitely not my strongest suit.

    Thanks again for spilling the beans and I'll definitely look forward to your next one. Now that's something I can probably sink my teeth into.

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