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WordPress Seo Optimization tips. How many times did you bump into this title ? "Wordpress Seo Tips".
I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired with all the "expert advice" that are meant to further deepen one's confusion, rather then clarify something.
Here is a tip :

Stay away from WordPress Seo Optimization Tips !!

Most of this "tips" are accompanied by a lot of plugins which are likely to crash or slow down your WordPress installation, or worse: make you dependable on those plugins.
There aren't many things you can do about wordpress seo. You can go ahead and install all the plugins in the world, unless you get some strong back-links, is all in vain.
There are thou few things you can do actually to help your wordpress site be strong and prepared to gain memento when the time comes. WordPress seo is crucial if making money online is among your aims.

WordPress Seo - The Theme

The last thing in the world you don'r want to miss when launching your WordPress site, is a good WordPress, Seo ready theme.
As far as I'm concerned, sadly there is only one theme that meets the standards of a clean, beautifully designed, highly custom-able, and Seo ready theme, and that is Genesis Frame-Work from StudioPress, the best wordpress theme around.
I tried them all. All that fancy good looking "state of the art" themes. Yes, Thesis too.
After all the fuss they lunched Thesis 2.0 which is even less user friendly than the last version and more confusing.
Why Genesis? Simply because it contains all the Seo functions that and Seo plugin is containing, so there is no need to install a plugin for that, and because Genesis can be easily customized, and has a search engine friendly navigation. There are more benefits you can get from this superb theme, but that will be in another article.
Once you have your theme and are ready to lunch your site the next in line is :

WordPress Seo - The Permalinks

You don't wanna miss those.
You don't want to end up with an url looking like this : http://www.yourdomainname.com/?p=123
What you want is this http://www.yourdomainname.com/postname . Make sure you don't forget that one.
For now, Google and other search engines looks into the relevancy of the title and the url name, among others.
Once done with the permalinks, there comes the site navigation.
Make sure the site navigation is made for people and also for search engines, not only for search engines.

Wordpress Seo - Permalinks

WordPress Seo - Permalinks

One other very important thing is posts interlinking.

I personally recommend one specific plugin that does this smoothly, that plugin is Seo Smart Links : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/seo-automatic-links/
However you can choose anyone that suits you best. Most of them do the same thing: :automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts" and tags and categories, titles.
Just do your own research. There isn't much to find out. The bottom line your posts need interlinking or else !
Other things you got to do for your wordpress seo:
In case you have many categories I beg you set them to "no follow". Do the same with your tags and with your archives.

You don't want duplicate content !!!

Duplicate content is going to send your site to the pits of hell, at least Google will feel like doing so with your site.
Just don't be greedy (like I used to be) and keep many tags and categories hopping that people will find you via those.
The last thing, but not the less important, actually I'll say one of the most important is your H1 H2 H3 tags, and post keyword density.

WordPress Seo - H1, H2, H3, keyword density

Make sure you have your H1, H2, H3 tags containing your keywords.
You can set your theme to have the title in H1, and after that you only have to care about the H2, H3 and keyword density.

Keep your keyword density at maximum 3%

That means don't go over the top adding keywords. Only 3% of your post's words must by the keyword you want to be found after.

Start and end your post(which must be always over 300 words) with your keyword !!

Actually there is a plugin that helps you to keep track of the keyword density, H tags, it reminds you to add in Image alt attribute the keyword (Oh, yeah you have to do that too - add your keyword with the picture), and at the end will give a score from 0 to 100 and also the keyword density in %.
However you can do just fine without it too.
The name of the plugin is "Seo Blog Kahuna" and it looks like this :

Wordpress Seo

WordPress Seo

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